Whether you are an international business willing to create presence in the Netherlands, a Dutch company interested in creating presence outside the Netherlands or trading abroad, or an individual who wants to move to the Netherlands, as expat or on a more permanent basis, we are happy to assist you.

Our team offers a wide range of services that facilitates and unburdens you, so you can focus on your business. Our services include amongst others advice on setting up a tax efficient structure, assistance with incorporation and registration in the Netherlands and, once operational, we provide all accountancy, tax (compliance), payroll and related services. Next to inbound investment, we assist Dutch based companies that want to expand their business cross border. We are a member of the Kreston Global network (see below) and for non-Dutch local advice, we seek support from the Kreston Global firm in the country you are doing business in.

Also, for individuals that want to move to the Netherlands, we can be of service. You can think of salary splits or applying for the 30% ruling for expats, which will significantly lower the Dutch tax base. Or international wealth and asset planning for persons moving into or out of the Netherlands. Advice on cross border situations, whether for natural persons or corporations, is always carried out in close cooperation with local advisors.

For general information on doing business in the Netherlands, we refer to the website: Business.gov.nl | Dutch government information for entrepreneurs

Our firm

VanVelzen is an organization with some fifty dedicated employees and six partners. We offer integrated services in the field of accountancy, consulting, payroll and tax/legal to our clients. A ‘one-stop-shop’, all from a single location. Our (international) clients are active in a wide range of industries, including Transport & Logistics, Food, Medical, Real estate, IT, Agriculture, etc.

We offer tailor-made services, since every client has its own specific needs. We assign an account manager as first point of contact to your organization. The account manager is responsible and accountable for the services we provide, from the first entry in the financial administration to the tax declaration, the annual report and advice.

We deem regular contact with our clients of great importance and we are committed to maintain close involvement in the developments within your business, the industry and your personal circumstances. Another priority is to ensure transparency and a good balance between our fees and the services we provide. Pro-active advice and personal attention come naturally to us. We distinguish ourselves with our slogan “aangename kennis”, or best translated into English as “pleasant knowledge”.


The main services provided by us consist of:


  • Audit and assurance (based on SRA-standards)
  • Annual reports and advice (based on Dutch GAAP)
  • Knowledge of Dutch GAAP, IFRS GAAP and US GAAP
  • Administrative services (including online services)
  • Company valuations
  • Budgeting


  • Interim management
  • Business plans
  • Mergers, acquisitions and successions
  • Strategy


  • Full salary administration
  • Wage Tax declaration
  • Employment agreements


  • Tax advisory
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns (corporate tax, personal tax, VAT, inheritance tax, RETT, etc.)
  • Tax accounting
  • Tax optimization
  • Agreements/contracts
  • Mergers, acquisitions and successions
  • Restructuring and reorganization
  • Estate planning
  • Fiscal court procedures

Professional organizations

Our accountants are all licensed by the NBA (www.nba.nl). Through our firm’s membership with the SRA and license from the AFM, our clients can be ensured of the highest quality of work and ethical standards.

  • SRA (www.sra.nl) is an organization for Cooperating Registered Accountants and Accountant-Administration Consultants. This organization guarantees the quality of services provided by its members through reviews which are carried out on a regular basis. In addition, SRA offers access to professional resources and extensive industry information.
  • AFM (www.afm.nl) is the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets and carries out public supervision on audit firms. Audit firms must be licensed by the AFM in order to perform statutory audits in The Netherlands.

Our tax advisors are member of the NOB or RB.

  • NOB (www.nob.net) is the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers and is the professional association of the university educated tax advisers in the Netherlands. Members must meet high standards in terms of expertise, professional skills and ethics. These standards form a guarantee for the quality of service and are important because the occupation of tax adviser is not legally protected in the Netherlands.
  • RB (www.rb.nl) is the Dutch Register of Tax Consultants. This organization promotes and protects the quality of their members by organizing continuous training and through a dedicated disciplinary committee. The RB also offers us access to various professional resources.

Kreston Global

Kreston Global is a network of 23,500 people in 160 independent accounting firms across more than 110 countries. Founded over 50 years ago, our aim remains to help businesses and people succeed internationally.

When you need professional support, you need a pro-active business adviser who not only knows how to navigate regulation, tax regimes, reporting and compliance requirements – but gives valuable insights into improving your business.

We build trust and confidence as part of a long-term business partnership. When it comes to the decisions that will shape your future – you need someone who understands you. A friend.

As new markets develop and technology evolves, your business can operate on an increasingly global scale. When you’re branching out into the unknown, local knowledge can give you that competitive edge to get set up and operating quickly.

All the members know their local regulations and customs inside out. Combine that with their solid reputation and enviable contact book and there’s no doubt that we give your business a competitive edge.

For further information or queries, please contact us via:

Wasbeeklaan 3
2361 HG Warmond
Tel: +31 71 301 24 00
Email: info@vanvelzenaa.nl